We help you plan for a great innovative future

Innovation is about ideas, but an idea is only an innovation if it becomes a winner in the market.

J-F-K Strategy & Innovation AB is founded on the insight that there are more great new ideas than there are successful new products. We draw from more than fifteen years experience in the extremely competitive and innovation driven mobile phone industry, and a selection of simple and tested models, to advise and lead our clients through the planning process. At the end, you will have an improved product, a clear message and a plan to reach your objectives. To make your idea a winner.


Sense of urgency

We believe that our clients are in a hurry to get their products or services out there quickly. That’s why we focus on short, focussed projects that save our clients’ time.

What we believe in

Keep It Simple...

There are lots of great thinkers in the fields of strategy, planning, innovation and creativity. Based on our experience, we have drawn from the best, to help our clients quickly get to actionable results.


There may be stupid questions, but we’d rather ask them if it could help improve the likelihood of success for your product or service.

Passion for innovation

We believe in the power of ideas, and the great contribution to society when great ideas become available to many.